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Do you prefer ordering your Christmas gifts online or you'd rather go to the high street and buy directly from the shops?

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asked Dec 13, 2014 in United Kingdom by rgd2014

2 Answers

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Winter Is Coming!

Likewise internet has been the portal that makes you teleport almost anywhere, so it'd not be a hefty task for buying of christmas gifts through it!

But, relinquishing :

1. tradition

2. charm

3. privacy (secret) at the cost of these motives would be a reconsiderable option!

I prefer to buy it with full fledged existence !!
answered Dec 14, 2014 by karan-gupta
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Combination of both.

Personalized shopping for close friends and relatives then online order for bulk giveaways
answered Jan 14, 2015 by 23and14and20

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