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What are the mobile apps in your smartphone that you use the most on daily basis?

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There are millions of  mobile apps available for any type of smartphone such as iphone, android, windows, etc.. However most of the smartphone users use only few apps on a daily basis. For everyone's benefit, it'll be good to share those apps that you use on a daily basis and the purpose.
asked Dec 8, 2016 in Mobile Apps & Music by ctechq
edited Dec 8, 2016 by ctechq
AIMP- It's an ok music playing app that i use regularly when listening to music.
Swagbucks- Auto pilot for making money but not totally, cashed my first giftcard within one day.
FalcoVPN- use it with swagbucks for more rewards/money
Robinhood- I use this app to buy/sell shares of company stock. I log in and am able to see how well they are doing. The app also provides links to articles on any given stock to see what experts are saying.

Napster- used to be rhapsody. I use this app to stream music from different artists. I can also listen to the music in my car when I link the Bluetooth to my vehicle

Axis360- app for books, ebooks, audiobooks etc. Im able to sign in using my local library information. I like to read and with this app I can do it without having to physically go to the library
Daily I use fitbit to track my health and sleeping patterns, I use paypal to track payments from online business pursuits and I use ebay to sell old vintage stuff found in thrift stores. These all work just fine for my needs.
I'd never heard of Robin Hood before. I'll have to check that ou!
Express VPN - It's a virtual private network may application

Onion TOR - Secure private web browser

Lucktastic - Scratch off application based on a reward system for viewing videos and completing offers
how to andriod to use i can this website create?
power planner - An excellent app to use when trying to organize life tasks. I personally use this to keep my life in order and know that I have certain things to do on certain days.

Mytube - An alternative application other than the youtube app, this allows me to view videos without any ads and is a very light application with no bugs compared to the main youtube app.

Note teacher - I use it on the train every now on them to practice my musical note notation. Very good app as it treats learning like a game and not a boring chore.
My top apps will definitely  be

Coinbase: a digital currency wallet. My bitcoins are properly managed here.

Fiverr: delivering of my freelancing gigs(job)

Sworkit: a personal fitness trainer app.
i use whatsapp, luno, blockchain, coinbase, yandex

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Facebook, Instagran, Twitter,

Another: Bitcoins Apps, Bank app,
answered Feb 10 by iphone
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whatsapp is the app which is used on regular basis.
answered Dec 8, 2016 by kundana
Whatsapp: I need to keep in touch with my classmates when we do reports.
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Generally I use all the popular apps that everone uses such as google search, google maps, facebook, whatsapp, weather, stocks on a daily basis in iphone 6.

In addition to the above, I have the below few apps that are really helpful and makes my life easier. I use these apps also more frequently.

Google Drive: I store lot of documents in google drive. With the app, I can access the documents from anywhere and email to others as needed. Also I can upload the photos from my phone to google drive instantaneously and clean up the phone storage.

Bank App: Using my credit union bank app, I deposit check, set up bill payment, check account balances with just few clicks. With iphone 6 I login using the touch id.

CloudPlayer: Using this I play the music directly from Google Drive which saves lot of storage space in the phone. For offline playing also I can download and keep music locally. Switching to keep the files either in the phone or in the cloud can be done in 1 click. Very useful and haven't experienced much issues while playing the music directly from cloud.

CamScanner: Another fantastic app used by my entire family to scan documents using phone camera, convert them to pdf or txt file and send them via email/fax. Saves lot of time compare to using the conventional scanner. You can also upload the scanned document to the cloud - Google drive, dropbox, onedrive, etc...

Dictionary: This app helps to get the meaning of a word and pronunciation instantaneously. By following ‘word of the day’, lot of words and their pronunciation can be learned over a period that can improve your vocabulary significantly.

Great Clips: By signing in online for a haircut using the app, I always avoid long waiting when go for haircut. This saved lot of waiting time.

answered Dec 9, 2016 by ranse
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I have the IPhone 5s 

Apps that I use:

-Evernote, helps you stay organized. You can use it to take notes, create to-do lists, save things that you find online in different formats. Such as text, sketches, photos, audio, PDF's ( which BTW you can take a picture of a document and save the picture into PDF form)!¡ I thought that was pretty nifty. web clippings formats as well.

-Credit Karma, Aquire your credit score with this App. This credit check is totally free and DOES NOT have an effect towards you credit score by opening this App and checking your credit score. 2 Major credit-reporting companies. You can also dispute items on your account if you feel they are false. Neat little App.

-Letgo, I use this App to rid the things that I just don't need, but don't want to sell at a pawn shop. Good App

-Credit card App, Manage your credit card(s), bank accounts, home and auto loans. Account balances, pay bills, view payment activity along with transaction details. 

answered Dec 12, 2016 by joshapk1986
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Some apps I use every day.

GasBuddy:  I always like to check the latest gas prices as I have a long commute and have mulitple gas stations along the way and want to choose the cheapest

BoomBeach:  OK this is just a game but I like to play it at least once a day, takes my mind off things.

WeatherUnderground:  When you live in Buffalo, you often want to check the radar and temperature.  This app is very easy to use!

FlightAware:  Total travel nerd site in this case, you can look up that plane flyingoverhead and see where it is coming from and going to!

Google Photos: Great to automatically upload photos to my cloud so I don't use p the phone's memory!

answered Dec 13, 2016 by wgrc1971
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As a Communications student these are the apps I use the most on a daily basis.

Whatsapp: I need to keep in touch with my classmates when we do reports. I also need to contact my teachers and schedule interviews. This helps me out a lot. Short voice notes or brief calls, depending on the case.

Writeroom: When I have to write news or full reports I use Writeroom. You write on fullscreen mode without distractions.

Dropbox: Going from place to place and not having enough space to carry books or papers, this is the best tool to add and watch documents. Super useful. I prepare myself for interviews using this.

NBC / BBC News: We need to be updated on the latest. These are the two I use the most. Instagram and Twitter are good for headlines, but if I want a more detailed information, those are the must-have apps.

Soundcloud: When I'm in class we have to do audio reports on an hourly basis. This is the best tool to add notes and also read notes from my teachers.

answered Dec 14, 2016 by millavencel
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AIMP- It's an ok music playing app that i use regularly when listening to music.
Swagbucks- Auto pilot for making money but not totally, cashed my first giftcard within one day.
FalcoVPN- use it with swagbucks for more rewards/money
answered Dec 15, 2016 by ddclae
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Most of the time i used Filmakr Best Movie Maker Film Editor app for editing my friends and family videos..Its pretty good app

answered Dec 23, 2016 by anna69
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Perk TV

Perk.Tv is an online mobile app that gives users the chance to earn money online with little to no work involved. Perk.Tv displays various videos that you can watch in order to earn this cash while the app gives you the chance to download various sponsored apps to earn this cash as well. Users can also utilize the Perk referral program to earn even more money online.


LetGo can be used to buy & sell Second Hand Stuff Easily make money selling what you don't need and find great deals nearby on what you do.


SnipSnap is a mobile coupon app that allows you to take a photograph of a printed coupon in order to find or create a mobile coupon, which can be redeemed in store. Helps a lot to save money while I shop.
answered Dec 30, 2016 by sakarbhusal
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I have mine in categories on my phone because I use a lot of different ones daily or every other day ish.

Facebook / Messenger / Yahoo mail / Gmail

Google Calendar / Keep / Maps

YouVersion / Fitbit

Cartwheel / iBotta / ReceiptHog + 4 similar

CBS / ABC / Netflix / Audible

Fiverr / Word / Excel / OneDrive


My church's app


Photoshop Express, PicsArt, Pic Stitch
answered Dec 31, 2016 by ladybug8
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i make use of article writer, this app help me in compilation of my articles, another is wechat, this app help me in communicationg with people all over the world, another is imo, it help me in making video calls very easy and so many others.
answered Jan 3 by sir-mimisco
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I usually use facebook and messenger all of the time.
answered Jan 3 by francis-lorenz-obiena
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1. Greenify.  Hibernates apps)

2. Speedtest (measures internet speed)

3. Alarm Droid (alarm clock)
answered Jan 5 by jason_pack
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I'm using android phone and also use some apps mentioned bellow:

1. imo: it's a video and audio chatting app. video and voice quality is much higher than skype. Even I don't use earphone while video chatting.

2. Coinbase: it's an online bank of Bitcoin. I can exchange, deposit, withdraw BTC instantly with my mobile where ever I am staying.

3. it's a gaming app, Every hour I'm earning 350 satoshi by claiming free btc from my mobile.

4. soma: it's also a video and audio chatting app. But it's not better than imo. But it's better than skype.

5. QQ Video Player: it plays all formats of videos like flv, mp4, wmp, 3gp etc. It's much better than KMP or VLC.
answered Jan 6 by riponreza
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TENTKOTTA wewatch tamil movies

SLING TV  live local channels

LYCA TV live soutth indian channels

INSTAGRAM for photo shop

NETFLIX ,VUDU to watch english movies
answered Jan 12 by jersey
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Daily i used Imo for video calling. It's free for calling that's why i think imo is more popular then other video calling apps.

answered Jan 15 by ray-n-rosario
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Some apps that I use on a daily basis are:

Discord- Chatroom app, useful for making groups and then being able to text/voice chat. Similar to programs like Teamspeak.

MEGA - Used to upload, store, share and download various files.

Twitch - Used to watch and keep up to date with (primarily) video game streamers.

Steam - Used to approve trades for my connected Steam account
answered Jan 19 by justin2318
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1. Dictionary App - To check the meanings for the words find in the news articles.

2. Slick Delas App - To check the bets deals available. This is best deals app i ever find.

3. Quora App - To know the answers for silly and serious questions.
answered Jan 24 by kuneeya
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I daily use:

1) IMO:- For video calling.

2) Oxford Dictionary:- To find the meanings of words.

3) Pokemon go:- For entertainment.

4) Clash of Clans:- For entertainment.

answered Jan 29 by vmvirus
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I use hike messenger , WhatsApp, Google maps , chrome , hotstar and YouTube in daily basis in my smart phone .
answered Jan 29 by manoj1998

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