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Supported Languages: English is one of the best all in one application. In this app, you will get online yoga, workouts, meditation, health food, online doctor, and recipe, all in one place. This application is a holistic fitness and health powerhouse, which takes care of mental and physical well-being. is well known to make your daily food tasty and healthy, make your group workout fun, mental fitness easy with meditation and yoga, and hassle-free lifestyle and medical care. In this application, you will also get a live fitness feature, which helps you to work from your home. And after signing up in this application, you will get an immediate 14 days free trial of live yoga and workout sessions and get professional coaches, compete with other users, and you can track your real-time performance as well. and is present in over major 18 cities and 2 countries, it’s India’s largest chain of fitness centers, with over two hundred and sixty fitness centers. The best part about this application is that it enables you to choose from a range of workout sessions on the app and get fit anywhere.

App Features and Capabilities
  1. Diet plan – will bring home tasty, healthy, fresh meals for daily consumption. From dinner to lunch and from snacks to breakfast, you will get your daily food at your doorsteps. You can also subscribe to a’s super flexible monthly or weekly subscription plan. After subscribing, you just have to pick your delicious and fresh meal and then just choose your delivery slot and you’re done.
  2. Mental fitness – take care of your mental health as well, through meditation and yoga. In this app, you will get extremely helpful techniques to reduce stress, improve focus, and more.’s trainers will assist you through every step – from yoga poses to breathing techniques. In this application, there’s do it yourself pack as well, which contains yoga and meditation videos, stories while sleeping, and more.
  3. Personal doctor - in this application you will get a personal doctor with digital records, consultations, free follow-ups, and good quality care with via this app, you can consult the best pediatricians, general physicians, physiotherapists, orthopedics, and medical lifestyle coach for best health care.
  4. Goal-oriented – this application is a  Goal-oriented app, be it cardiovascular, weight loss, strength, endurance, stamina, and more.  every fitness or workout session in this app is designed to meet a specific goal. 

  1. This application is not limited to fitness, like another app, in this app, there’s a mental and personal doctor as well.
  2. The best part about this app is that its goal-oriented, every workout session is made to reach some specific goal.

  1. A personal trainer, who trains personally is more preferable than the trainer in the live workout session because personal trainers who train personally take care of their clients more as compared to live trainer.
  2. Subscription plans in this app are very expensive it should be less.

Other Information to Know
This application is available in both IOS and android devices. This application was founded in 2016 by Mukesh and Ankit Nagori and its headquarter is located in India.

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