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There are In-App purchase options available. This price could vary for different regions.
  1. Gaana+ India₹ 99
  2. Gaana+ Global₹ 249
  3. Gaana+ Global₹ 619
  4. Gaana+ Global₹ 1,199
  5. Gaana+ India₹ 199
  6. Gaana+ India₹ 249
  7. Gaana+ Global₹ 2,199
  8. Gaana+ India₹ 399
  9. Gaana+ Mini Top 50 Charts₹ 159
  10. Gaana+ Mini Artist Pack iOS₹ 159

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Gaana is a music streaming app which was founded by Times Internet in 2010. This app is available for both android and IOS users. now you can listen to free MP3 songs and podcasts from all genres, moods, and activities on this app. You get pre-built playlist from experts and other app users.

Now you can set alarm using any song of your wish on his app. Interface of this app is easy to use, you get two color theme in this app.

App Features and Capabilities
Use Gaana For

Stream Music: Gaana is a music streaming app, you can a wide variety of Indians and International songs. Every song in this app is sorted according to your taste. The categories are as follow.

1. Top Pick: In this section you get music recommendation according to the music you have played previously. You get a card type side scrolling menu from which you can choose the song you want to listen.
2. Moods & Collection: In this section you can explore different type of playlist that was pre-made by the app. Again you get a similar card type interface to choose from.
3. Recently Played: You have this option where you can take a look at which music you have played recently. It makes easy for you if you want to replay the music you want to listen.
4. Made for You: the app identifies which are the songs that you listen on a regular basis, according to that you get playlist created so you don’t have to put any extra efforts finding any song daily and playing it.

Gaana Videos: the company has implemented a new feature where you can stream video songs which are available in portrait mode. Now you can also stream videos while playing song by just swiping left on the screen.

Radio: there are many radio, shows and Podcast on this option. You get live music radios on the app where you have different categories like Artist Radio which only plays music of a particular artist, then we have Radios for Ghazals, Rock Music, Soulful Retro, Hip Hop and RnB, EDM hits, etc.

AI Search: You get a search option in the app which reacts to your voice command using artificial Intelligence similar to Siri on app devices. You have to tell the name to the song you want to play and you get redirected to that song without typing any single letter.

1.     Song quality is best as compared to its market competitor Saavan.
2.     Video option makes it unique from other music streaming app in the market.
3.     Music recommendation is top notch.
4.     Overall quality and interface of the app is good.
5.     AI search feature works well. 

1.     Limited on International songs.
2.     You get ads if you are not premium member, which makes the app freemium.

Other Information to Know
While playing music you get lyrics on the screen of the device. If you are a free user you can play music only if you have internet connection on your device, to download songs you need to buy a premium membership.

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