Saving storage in your Android device

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Saving storage in your Android device
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For efficiently using storage of your smartphone think about content that you consumed and saved to your device. Every day you looked a lot of images and videos from social medias and messengers and a lot of this content saved on your device like a cache data. This is temporary data about your latest using different apps. This data collecting every day and creating a lot of stuff on your smartphone storage. So, you can periodically monitor data-cache of your apps and cleaning up this for saving your device memory. 

If you often make a lot of photos, videos or audio records by your smartphone you can periodically export it from your device to Cloud storage by different online services. It can save a lot of storage space of your device and provide your constantly access to your data. By the way, many services provide some spaces of cloud storage for free like a trial version of their services, so you can use this opportunity for saving the storage in your device. 

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