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If i take my Tablet or Iphone to Greece can i use their Wifi.?

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When i go to Greece can i use their Wifi using my Iphone or Tablet what do i have to do to access their internet what is the process and how much will it cost?.

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asked Jan 5 in United States of America by tass

2 Answers

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Yes of course you can.  You just need switch on your wifi from your phone and you can connect to any of the available wifi signlas. Requirement is just that you must know the password(if set) of wifi or you can know the wifi password from near by people.

Another option to use internet on phone is to switch on data connection of smartphone and it will cost you some money which depends on the sim you are using.
answered Jan 5 by nazish-azam
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Yes you can use the wifi of any place/country you travel to - the only hindrance might be the login detail of the wifi if it is secured otherwise, you can make use of all wifi anywhere.
answered Jan 9 by morgansheri

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