Add FAQs about Your Mobile App, Telecom Services or Products

In Cleartalking, you can add FAQs (i.e. frequently asked questions) to your mobile app, any telecom products or services that you offer as a company. With the FAQs you can provide answers to questions or concerns that come up often about mobile app, telecom product or service.

As a user or business, if you want to write specifically about a smartphone app, smart device or telecom service, you can send the request using our feedback form.

Your product, service or mobile app will be added in our Q&A platform as a category for you to post the FAQs. You can add relevant step by step instructions with images, video demos of the product or service as part of the answer to a specific question.

Is there any cost involved to add FAQs about a mobile app, telecom product or service?
Absolutely Not. It’s totally FREE! Since cleartalking receives ~10,000 unique global users monthly and keep increasing, adding FAQs is another efficient way of marketing a product or service.

How do you make use of FAQ to best describe your product or service?

Adding FAQ of your product, service, or mobile app can effectively benefit you from several aspects such as:

1) Addressing general questions for anyone to understand the product better

  • Answers to the standard questions that a customer might have about the product or service
  • Answering frequently asked common questions that many would ask will help relieving some of the burden on customer support and they could focus answering only unique questions.
  • Addressing commonly asked questions will help the customers to get a quick overall idea about the product, which otherwise they have to their own research

2) Explain the product functionalities and capabilities as FAQs

  • Include demonstrative videos or screenshots when explaining a particular functionality with your answer
  • Make your FAQ section in cleartalking as go-to destination for the customers to find answers to specific questions about your product or service
  • Keep the information that you provide through FAQ up to date and post any changes immediately with additional questions and answers. This will help search engines to provide the latest and accurate information about your product or service which will in turn generate new leads.

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