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asked in Croatia by maksimilijan-kucina

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In my opinion the cheapest are Hrvatski Telekom and Iskon, I personally have Hrvatski Telekom as my provider but not directly, a guy in my village (mediator) has a contract with Hrvatski Telekom and gives us 10 Mbps DL speed and 1 Mbps UP speed, and we are happy with thoose speeds because we live in a rural region and the monthly payment is 50 HRK (7$).

My friends on the other hand who live in town use Iskon as their provider and pay around 200 HRK (31$) for it, but the speeds are almost 40 Mbps Download speed.
answered by snopermz
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For me the best provider is Optima Telekom. I used their service when I was in Croation on a business trip. You can look them up, it's one of the most popular provider out there, don't know if they're the cheapest ones, but they're sure pretty inexpensive, and the speed is always good.
answered by ondrey-deshevych

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