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importance of face to face conversations.
asked in Chat & Messaging by anjali-r

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This dilemma occured several years ago, as in that period of time, even today face to face conversation will have its own place in our daily life, that can`t be replaced by chatting

Naturally, chatting is more comfortable, including a feeling of anonymity, but it can be implied to perform your tasks at job or at home, you will have to start a normal conversation with your partner and so on
answered by costin
selected by stellarboy
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face to face ix much beter then chating and messaging but  in our daily life chatting and messaging we are most of using due to saving time and other way distance .. Now a days every person slave of this technolgy ..
answered by fahmeed
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I would like to consider we aren`t slaves of technology, we simply use it to render our lives easier
That`s the case of communication nowadays. Obviously, some situations are better treated through online communication, while others are more profitable as face to face interaction
You will only have to think of benefits or disadvantages implied by each of them and choose the most suitable one
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I think there’s some truth in that, even between people in the same house will sometimes text each other instead of face to face chat, but it’s not that bad, direct chat still plays a huge part in our daily life.
answered by talla
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due convinience and with the busy lifestyle people have nowadays, chatting and instant messaging became a hit.  Though there are some apps that put value to face to face conversation online - skype, hangout, facetime, etc.
answered by 23and14and20

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