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It could be any game, just as long as it’s popular. I want to be able to talk to my friends about it.
asked in Smartphone Apps & Music by luckypony1234

5 Answers

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Hi mate, try Candy Crush. Their site can be found here. Warning: it is very addictive!

answered by gejtkeep
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I play “Another Case Solved” and “Candy Crash” , they are very addictive like Gejtkeep said, I’m not sure if the first one is popular but you may enjoy playing it.
answered by talla
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The game you want depends on what device you are using.

For Android i suggest Candy Crush.

For Apple/IOS i suggest Clash of Clans.

For Samsung I suggest Tiny Thief.
answered by 23and14and20
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You can try playing dead trigger not only does it make you look cool on your friends it could also be a fun game!
answered by 23and14and20
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CSR gaming
Driving test
Pro Snooker
8 ball
Temple run 2
subway surfer
answered by cyber-teacher

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