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asked in Satellite Telecom (TV & Internet) by bharathranjith

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Broadband speed testing firm OpenSignal has found Airtel to be the fastest 4G service provider by incorporating an additional parameter of 'average peak speed' in its test.

The UK-based firm has also alleged 'discrepancy' in methodology used by the telecom regulator Trai compared to the method it uses to measure the speed.

"Airtel's average peak speed test was 56.6 Mbps, which is 5 times faster than its average 4G download test of 11.5 Mbps," A blog post on OpenSignal website said.

The test for the report was conducted between December 1, 2016 - Feb 28, 2017 in the metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai and the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

In the report, OpenSignal has found average 4G speed on Jio network to be the slowest at 3.9 Mbps.

However, in the new parameter of average peak speed, it found Jio next only to Airtel.
answered by bharathranjith

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