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asked in India (+91) by arnoldphillip

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Although each time we install an app from Google play store or from web we have to grant permission to access our device, so there are rare chances of any malfunction. And even operating system restricts the apps to interact with other apps in your gadget hence leaving no room for any virus or malicious apps. But still viruses do exist and causes problem in our respective device.

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According to latest headlines past week, it was seen that the Android Malware is increasing at an alarming rate. This news forces us to thinking of buying anti-virus software for our android gadget.

There are many android Malwares like Trojan SMS and Spyware which causes many problems.

How to know there is virus in your Micromax android phones?

If your smart phone is working slow and few of its apps are not working properly, then you may b a victim of Virus invasion. Many a times your apps will stop suddenly stop and your android device suddenly gets switched off, then there may be a malware in your device.

All you have to do is just check for Android Anti-virus in Google Play Store on your android handset.

How to Install Anti-Virus Setup?

There are many Anti-virus apps present on the Google Play Store like AVG Anti-Virus Software, Norton Security AntivirusAvast Mobile SecurityMcAfee Antivirus & SecurityMobile Security & Antivirus etc. All you have to do is just open the above mentioned apps and then grant the permission to access your Micromax device. Finally install the app and then scan for viruses on your device. If there will be any virus then it would be removed automatically from your device or the antivirus will let you know which app you should uninstall.

What an Anti-Virus do in your Micromax Android device?

  • Anti-virus kills tasks and process which in any way causes slow down or freezes your device.
  • It keeps check on Battery consumption and enable power saver mode itself. But you may call it an disadvantage that the use of anti-virus may result in more battery consumption.
  • Gives a notifications whenever your 4G,3G or 2G plan is going out of monthly usage limit.
  • It moves your apps between SD card and internal memory so that memory use can be optimized properly.

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What it do to protect your Micromax device?

  • It scans your device completely and checks for effected or harmful content.
  • It search, shop and use social network in such a way that it keeps our personal informational safe.
answered by chetan12398

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