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Which is the best data plan in Verizon?
asked in United States of America by morgansheri

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The good: great selection of phones,2 great plans to choose from on Easypay month to month,unlimited in calling,no taxes added on monthly balance at the end of billing cycle.The bad: old UI menu,text messages &pix messages take away from account balance which takes away minutesSummary: I have Verizon Easypay 350,Which includes 350 anytime minutes,3000 nights and weekends,and unlimited mobile to mobile for 50.00 a month.I started service on 03-30-07.Great coverage!,never roam,I can choose any phone Verizon has to offer-(not just prepaid phones.)Great customer service.All around best company to choose from.I have been with all the other national mobile companies and none compare to this,I have have postpaid and prepay accounts.I could have a postpaid account but I choose Prepaid month to month cause I like to keep control of my account and not worrie about overage's,plus no commit! Which im not to good at,and the best thing "NO CONTRACT".I would reconmmend Verizon to any one.Allmy family and mostly all my friends are on Verizon so we can talk for free. YAY!!!..

answered by manohar-lal
selected by morgansheri

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