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asked in India (+91) by bharathranjith

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Today I am going to tell you about the service that reliance jio is offering to many of us. When the company launched its JIO network is was the good.but niw after a year of its launched its getting worst.lets talk about its Internet speed, Day by day its internet speed getting down, we can't gets is speed of 2 or 3 mbps, we only get 500 to 800 kbps speed. Now talk about its costumer support services, Early time of its launching last year, We are able to talk and get our problem solved by them very easily and quickly but now tgey don't even attend our calls and make us wait mote and more. Now talk about its data plans, Reliance jio data plans are getting hgher and higher every months, none of us even think about that one day we will have yo pay a sum of 459 rs to access internet on mobile...

answered by manohar-lal

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