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Should I send it to the phone's customer service for battery replacement?
asked in Smartphones by rgd2014

3 Answers

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Yes.You need to replace the battery and see new battery works.
answered by losakaniroshan
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Yes, it seems that the battery is not working properly.

My phone will not be 100% charged for a day even if I don’t use it, most of the time it’s half charged, I always carry the charger with me but at least it doesn’t die on me.
answered by talla
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Better to send it for check-up.  Other than that, i personally use the following to make sure my battery last longer:

- lessen brightness

- turn off 3g or mobile data when not in use

- turn off vibrate and lessen ring volume

- less use of games or apps

hope helps!
answered by 23and14and20

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