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I am unable to download any torrent using Dialog satellite broadband.I can download perfectly using other ISPs.Are they blocking torrent downloads?
asked in Sri Lanka by losakaniroshan

1 Answer

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Yes.Because simply, they have reduced your speed for downloading torrents. Just because torrents are heavily attack every user in the network by taking the whole bandwidth. But still we can do few simple things to get rid of this.

 It’s easy, do the following settings to your torrent downloading software

1) Go to preferences of your torrent downloading software and pick the “connection” tab and change the incoming port to “8080”

2) Go to bandwidth tab and change upload speed to “1” and download to “0” (0=unlimited)

3) Go to bit torrent tab and make encryption “forced”

Ok we have done it. These settings will only affect dialog HSDPA.. Anyway the first 15-20 minutes will be very slow but later it will get better and you will get well over 160KBps. So you will be able to download a movie within 2-3 hours.
answered by pdmanohari
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I changed the port already.No use.

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