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India is growing country i heard this line since i was 16 ... now am 32 but it is still growing and i really don't have any idea till when it will grow . its been a long i hearing this this but our telecom service is still far behind comparing with other countries. Our telecome service advertise their product in many agency but reality in remote village is different . People have to travel 500 meters or 1 km just to make a single call... so question is should i call our country growing ?
asked in Other Telecom Services by osrbwn

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india now is being digitized .. now even the local vendors use mobile phones ... but that is the scenario of big and small towns ... in interior villages where food and clothing are luxury i do not think they can afford to buy a mobile phone .. they would rather chose to buy some food if they had some money ... so the question is quite difficult
answered by solitary-reaper

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