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asked in Instagram by rebecca499

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Its a new feature so that you can use it for commercial purposes also... you can add your web link in Instagram  story so that people can excess your website. 

its very easy to add link in Instagram  story.

first of all update your Instagram app like this

now open your Instagram  app like this

now open your Instagram story option like this

now capture any pic as i capture a blank pic like this

now click on the link option at top of page like this

now a new page will open up...

write URL like i write    (it should be web address of your page , website , any thing )

after that click on "tick option" to save this URL.

you can also preview link to check your URL... 

review link will be appear like this

now write anything on your Instagram story like i write 

"Swipe up for Subscribe us" or you can also draw arrow like this

now click on next option to save it as Instagram story

now if anyone open your Instagram story ,, it will be appear like this


answered by rebecca499

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