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If you want to avoid frustration, I would suggest making your first option trading in the phone or selling because you'll find that it's not compatible.

Even where it's unlocked, maybe even rooted, you could run into issues.

If it was on a contract plan with Verizon in the past, you should be fine, but I'd recommend you go into a storefront location and speak with the technical team. Make sure you have the phone with you, restored to factory settings, along with all the information you plan to attach to the phone and your payment method (cash will also be fine, but you can get a prepaid card to load the minutes in advance from a convenience or department store).

Try the website of the carrier you want, first, and type in the IMEI # and other identifiers of the phone to see if it will be compatible before doing any of this.

I hope this helps!
answered by sandraharriette

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