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I am going to talk about the reliance jio.


according to my personal experience about jio is awaresome. Reliance jio is good telicommunication industry to provide proper data services.


I am happy with jio.


Network: The network of jio is sprreding all over the india. Jio has the strong network connecty at every region.


Charges/ billing:


As we all aware about jio billing and charges. Jio is the chepest billing and charges than the all other telicom sector companies.


Jio has the lowesr rate: At just rupee 399 we get

  • the 1.5 GB per day

  • free calling

  • 100 sms per day ( for 84 days) .


Customer service:


I thing all the customer satisfied to reliance jio because of its affordable recharge charges and smartphone prices.


Reliance Jio promote a saperate service provider of reliance jio for every tahashil/ saperate area.


Thats why jio have the good data provider.

answered by manohar-lal

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