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asked in Satellite Telecom (TV & Internet) by rebecca499

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First of all i would like to mention the similarity between teo televisions. They both carry same indian feed international channels

The main difference between 2 TV's is that you can rewind past programs on PEO TV. You can rewind upto 48-72 hours previous programs BUT this facility is not available in DIALOG TV.

The pictures quality of PEO TV didn't affected by weather conditions but the picture quality of DIALOG TV got seriously affected by weather conditions.

DIALOG TV got some HD channels and have some local channels as well.

DIALOG TV is little bit costly as compared to PEO TV but it depends upon which plan you want to select.

PEO TV have some problem like their programs stuck for few seconds and some users complain about restarting their modem for several times to get better picture quality 

answered by rebecca499

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