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First of all i would like to tell you that Jio has launched 3 devices at a time. These were JioFI M2, JioFI M2S, JioFI 3. Now i will tell you similarities and differences between JioFI M2 and JioFI M2S. 

Jiofi M2

It has 4GB internal memory and 2GB RAM. 

It has Micro USB port to charge your device. 

It has a mico-sim slot

It has 2300mAh Lithium ion battery

It can also connect upto 32 devices but 10 devices are recommended for better performance. 

Jiofi M2S

It has 2GB internal memory and 1GB RAM.

It also has Micro USB port to charge your device. 

It has nano-sim slot. 

It also has 2300mAh Lithium ion battery. 

It can connect upto 32 devices but its recommended that you should connect upto 10 devices. 


According to different reviews about these 2 devices i find that JioFI M2 takes more time to get fully charge and Jiofi M2 also has Low battery backup. Means it terms of battery performance Jiofi M2S is recommended. You can use Jiofi M2S upto 7 hours after getting fully charged. 

Heating Problem:

It is noted that after connecting 3,4 devices Jiofi M2S heats up little bit but it perform better when connected with 2 devices. 

But Jiofi M2 doesn't heat up. You can easily connect 3,4 devices with Jiofi M2. 

By keeping all the things in mind people recommend Jiofi M2S rather than Jiofi M2 because Jiofi M2S is cheaper then Jiofi M2. 

answered by rebecca499

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