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It includes following topics:

1: PEO TV Remote Controller functions.

Means it explain what is the function of each button present on remote control.

2: How to Watch Live TV:

It explains 3 options for guidance to watch live TV. It briefly explain each option

3: Using Catch –Up TV option:

Sometimes you miss your favorite TV show due to any circumstances, so Now you can watch programs of past 48 hours. You can use following option

·         Channel Universe

·         Programme Guide

·         Vertical Guide

4: Delayed TV/Start-over TV/ PIP:

Delayed TV enables you to use “Trick Play” (play, pause, fast forward, rewind)

PIP enables you to watch 2 channels at a same time. This feature is available on selected channels.

5: Programme Reminders/ Setting Favourite:

You can set Programme Reminders for future programmes. It will send you a notification on your screen and take appropriate action based on your response.

6: How to order a channel or channel bouquet

7: How to unsubscribe a channel or channel bouquet

8: How to order and watch Movies on demand content (VOD)

9: How to order and watch Subscription Video on demand (SVOD)

10: Self Care Portal/Settings

11: Parental control Settings

12: Connecting your Set Top Box ( STB)

It explains all the procedure to connect your BOX

If you want to get PEO TV user guide online then open following link
answered by rebecca499

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