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As we all know shazam is a free song search mobile application. It works both Android and IOS systems. This app is upgraded with more features. Now you can also search Video of your desired song. First you have to seach your song as a sudio file and Shazam features will lead you to the video of song.

Let's see how can you can you find Video.

First open Shazam Music App like this

Now click on the option "Tap to Shazam" like this

Now play that song or tune whom you want to recognise, Shazam app will listen that tune for 10 seconds like this

Now it will find out your song in audio version. Now click on Top of screen on "Video" option like this 

You can see YouTube video version of that song. Just click on it. 

Your desired video song will play like this. 

Hope so you will enjoy this feature. 

Thank you 

answered by rebecca499

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