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asked in Google Chrome by rebecca499

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Its an amazing feature to search for your results on webpage. It allows you to find anything whom you want to search about on webpage. You have to write it in specific search bar. As you start writing searching word, its algorithm starts working. Page will move up or down and In the end the page will stop moving and your keyword will be in front of you.

Let's see in detail how can you use this Feature

First open Google Chrome like this

Click on top right corner 3 dots to open further options like this

Now click on the option "Find In Page" like this.

You can also find this Feature on Laptop. If you could not find it then press "Clt and F" on keyboard and search bar will also open up. 

Now search bar will open up on top of page like this

Now write something whom you want to search about.

Like i want to search about "Bowling". 

As i start writing word "Bowling" algorithm starts its work and bowling word will come infront of me like this 

Now i want to search about matches fixtures and results. As i start typing word "Fixtures" the result will come infront of me like this

Hope so it will helpful for you

Thank you 

answered by rebecca499
edited by rebecca499

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