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What are the free functions users can perform on Viber?

asked in Viber by ctechq
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Viber is a free to download app that allows users to make free calls, send texts, pictures and video messages to other Viber users. Free Messaging. Free Picture and Video Messaging. Free calls to other Viber users.

answered by anusreeraghav
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Viber offers wide range of free communication features for all the users. With a stable Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection users can send text, voice and video messages and more, all for free to another Viber user.

Text Chats - you can chat securely with another Viber user anywhere in the world. There are wide varieties of free bright emoticons and images available to enrich the chat with which users can communicate genuinely, playfully and expressively.

Media Share - exchange photos, images and videos for free. Enhance your photos with   stickers, doodles, filter (iOS only), text and description options

Free Calls - You can make free audio and video calls to another Viber user anywhere in the world using supported devices (mobile, tablet or laptop) with Viber. Free group calls also possible with Viber.

Viber Groups - Create and chat with groups of your friends, family or colleagues all in one place. Group chats have a limit of 250 participants.

Viber Communities - Create Viber communities for free. Community is a  type of public group on Viber with unlimited members. 

Viber Secret Chats - With secret chats, Viber provide an extra level of privacy above a normal chat. You can Set a time limit to control how long the message is visible to the recipient. The timer will start once the message is opened. Once this time has ended, the message will disappear entirely without leaving a trace on anyone’s Viber chat.

answered by ctechq

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