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Viber Stickers can bring colors and fun to your chats. You send these stickers to express your feelings or emotions to another user.

To create Viber stickers in iPhone, first of all open Viber app. Click on the more. Then tap on the create stickers button in the upper right corner. Click on the add button. Select the gallery from the options. Choose the image that you want to convert into sticker.

Now you can edit your image. Use “Magic wand” button to remove background of image. With the “Text” button you can write anything on sticker. Tap “Stickers” to add stickers from Viber collection. Use “Doodles” to add your own free style shapes.

Now tap “Save Sticker”. You can add up to 24 stickers in one pack. Click on “Create Pack” to publish your stickers pack. Now you can use your sticker in Viber.
by rebecca499

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