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The simplest answer to this question is that Spotify stats are updated on daily basis for artists with specific timings based on the UTC time zone at approximately 3 PM EST/8 PM UTC.

Spotify usually updates audience, song and playlist stats once in a day which does not mean that Spotify providing “real-time stats” are always reliable. The reason behind is only the difference of time zones which needs to be understood for checking updates about the artists.  

It is however a relevant fact that Spotify is updating their stats from anywhere in between 3 PM EST to be safe. Some also suggest that if you have released track at 7 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) Zone, then you might have to wait for next day.

It is only because of the fact that it was already 12 AM UTC at the time of release, so you will have to wait for some hours before it is shown on Spotify to the audience because Spotify is counting days based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) zone.

You are facilitated to see the total no. of streams being updated on Spotify after every 02 seconds after the new release for the first 07 days.
by rebecca499
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The count updates every 2 seconds to show the total number of streams. Find the live stream count in your song stats on web, or Home on the mobile app. After the first 7 days, your stats update once a day at approximately 3 PM EST / 8 PM UTC.

BTW, Spotiy is built based on the cloud. Downloading music/offline music is just a supplement, an advanced feature, so it's paid. Remember that even if you download music to your device, you don't own it the same way you would if you bought it from iTunes. You just have the right to use it offline (and for a limited time). If you want to own the music, you may need Spotify music converter or paid for a Spotify Premium.

by vinhoisstrong

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