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1. Go to and log in.

2. Click the Activate button next to the DataCamp benefit tile in the "Professional Development" category.

3. You can establish a new account on the DataCamp page. You have the option of entering an email address and password or logging in with an existing Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google account. Click Get Started after entering your sign-in credentials.

4. After you've created your account, you'll be able to select a learning path. Among the possibilities are:

• Learning R for Data Science is a good idea.

• Start learning Python to help you with data science.

• Improve your data science abilities.

To begin, simply click on the path you want to take.

5. You can further customize your learning path by picking a goal once you've chosen your path. If you choose the "Develop your Data Science Skillset" path, for example, you will be presented with the following options. Select an option or select I'm not sure. To develop a broader path, click on show me all professional paths.

6. You'll see a list of Career Tracks based on the path and options you've chosen. To enrol in the course of your choosing, click the Enroll button.

7. The first course in your chosen track will become available after you've registered in it. A tutorial will show you how to engage with the course, including navigation and completing the problems.
by rebecca499

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