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Global Setting:

You can modify how Activity Status appears across Discord using these options.

• Activate Activity Privacy under User Settings.

• Two toggles will be displayed:

1. This setting determines whether other Discord users can see your current activity status. Display current activity as a status message. Your activity status will automatically be shown to your friends and in the servers you are now playing in if this setting is turned on. Using the "Activity Status" setting on a specific server, as explained below, you can decide whether or not your activity status is shared there.

2. When joining large servers, sharing your activity status is the default setting. This toggle controls whether your "Activity Status" setting for that server defaults to active when you join a new one with more than 200 users. When you join new servers, your activity status will be shown automatically if this toggle is turned on.

Note: Toggle this off if you do not want your activity status to be automatically shown when you join new servers with more than 200 users.

Server Setting:

You can modify how Activity Status appears on particular servers using these options.

• Navigate to the Server Settings dropdown menu and select Privacy Settings.

• You'll observe what follows.

Share your server activity status here. This switch determines whether or not the server's whole user base may view your current activity status.

by rebecca499

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