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asked in Smartphones by goldy-kakkar-5

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Here are some of the steps to stop viruses attacking your phone :

1. You can download an antivirus application directly in your phone. 

2.  Make sure that you always choose a mobile from a recognized branded phone which comes with Imei number.

3. Scan your mobile: Once you download an antivirus application in your phone,    remember to scan your mobile often to search for any virus.

4. Bluetooth is another way through which unknown applications or virus can make way into your mobile, so when in unknown places, it is better to turn the Bluetooth function off.

answered by raghava-reddy
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Delete unnecessary files in mobile phones.  Install antivirus application in your phone. Weekly once scan your mobile and clear unnecessary files. Avoid bluetooth option, that is make way to easily  virus affect in your mobile handset.
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Donot download any unwanted file donot get any app from bluetooth.And use any good anti virus
answered by cyber-teacher
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My top 3:

turn off bluetooth if not use

dont open email attachments using your smartphone

srop downloading unscanned files
answered by 23and14and20

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