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asked in Smartphone Apps & Music by vikas_sha

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 iOS/Free: SnapGuide, Crafgawker, Craftsy, Stitch Minder.

Android & iOS /Free: Etsy, Pinterest, Quilting Calculators, WikiHow, iFikIt, Houzz.

answered by lora
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RHONNA DESIGN for IOS edit your photos with so many design options including stickers, tags, fonts, filters, many themes, you name it! Rhonna is amazing at updating her app and staying on top of the latest trends in the craft industry.

answered by divina009
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I will say Pintenrest because it has great art quality and function.
answered by 23and14and20
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Recycled Crafts for decorating is a very good app for art and craft work. This app includes videos through which you can learn to make various items from waste material present at home. Its free and interesting app.
answered by prateek_gpta

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