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asked in Smartphone Apps & Music by goldy-kakkar-5

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I would say, to try and use your best judgement and discern. Sometimes  companies pay for reviews, or they write bogus reviews themselves in order to get their app a higher rating and make additional sales. If you see reviews that are very generic or very biased towards the app and they're not willing to state cons as well as the pros of the app, then you may feel that they're a bit too biased.
answered by cellnut
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I personally first read all the reviews of any app before downloading it. Trusting reviews 70% is a good decision as it helps to choose which app is better. If you find mixed reviews then you can try it by yourself .
answered by kapil_roxx
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I read reviews first before downloading any particular app. Chance of fake reviews are comparatively less. Try to read many reviews so that you may get the clear picture about the application, out of 10 review- 3 or 4 can be real reviews.
answered by priyashi_11

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