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asked in Smartphones by mousumi101

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Go for 5s because you won't have to update it for like next 2 years. 5s will easily support upto ios12 If it comes out. Plus, iPhone 5s' processor is more than twice as fast compared to iPhone 5.

answered by divina009
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 If you are low with budget, then Iphone5 is a good option to with, however, now ther is already Iphone6 launched so you might go with that with is comparatively high on price with wider screen. 

answered by bhaskar
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I would go for IPhone 5s for the following reasons:

*Better sound and Video quality.

*Larger Usage Capacity.

*More reliable

*Long No-need-to-update-to-use Time.
answered by 23and14and20
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I would go for IPhone 5s for the following reasons:
The iPhone 5s has Better sound and Video quality.
It has Larger Usage Capacity.
It is More reliable
It also has .Long No-need-to-update-to-use Time.

And more function than an iPhone 5
answered by zyrus14
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iphone 5s is better because it has finger identity
answered by cyber-teacher

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