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asked in Phone equipments by bhaskar

3 Answers

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Yes,It's possible.Just follow the following stepss

1.Right-click the folder you want to hide and select > Properties the > General tab check the option > Hidden

3.Go to > Advanced change archive and index attributes

4.Click > OK to save your changes

answered by sitam63
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Yes you can. In the top menu bar u have the folder option there u can find do not show hidden files n u have safely treasured ur secrete files.

answered by mousumi101
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Yes, Possible and Much Easy..

Follow these Steps:

1 : On Desktop on Empty Space , Right Click From your Mouse ..

2 : A Menu is Shown Click on ""VIEW""

3 : Another Drop Down Menu will Shown there 

4 : Just Unselect the ""Show Desktop Icons""

answered by sarmad-pervaiz

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