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asked in India (+91) by mousumi101

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Reliance Jio recently announced that ‘Welcome Offer’ to ‘Happy New Year Offer’, which will now continue till March 31, 2017. All the existing subscribers on the Welcome Offer will also be moved to the Happy New Year Offer from January 1, 2017. Under this offer the existing subscribers and the new one will get free voice-call, video-call, free data and access to Jio apps has been extended till March 31, 2017. Also now reliance will deliver the SIM racds directly to the home of the new subscribers.

Under this Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer introduces a daily FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit of 1GB. After you consume 1GB of data in a day, you will get 128Kbps Internet speeds. In the original Jio Welcome Offer, the limit was 4GB per day, after which the speed was throttled.

Also All calls and messages will be free, not just for the special offers but even afterwards. You're only going to have to pay for data, after the Happy New Year Offer ends.

Also you have full and free access to all of Jio's apps. This includes it's video on demand service, live TV app, music streaming app, magazines, news, chat, cloud storage, and more. All these apps are free to use under the Welcome Offer, and will continue to be free under the Happy New Year Offer.
answered by goldy-kakkar-5
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If you've been using Reliance Jio then you've probably become used to the free Welcome Offer, which let users have high speed Internet access for up to 4GB of data a day. Before the public rollout even this limit was not there, but from January 1, Reliance Jio was supposed to get its commercial rollout when people would start paying for the service. Instead, the company launched the Jio Happy New Year Offer, which came into effect on Sunday. As part of this promotional offer, users will be able to make unlimited phone calls and enjoy 1GB of free high-speed data per day till March 31. To browse again at high speed, you can buy a booster pack from Reliance Jio, which should help people to get used to the idea of paying for Jio. The company has priced this at Rs. 301 for a 6GB pack, or Rs. 51 for a 1GB pack, in line with what Jio Chairman Mukesh Ambani had announced at the launch of the network. Buying a recharge is pretty simple. Here is how you can use 4G speeds on Reliance after crossing the 1GB daily limit:. 

Hai gys, here I have share my experience of using jio service. I bought jio modem 1 month ago. its very useful us because this network speed is excellent, then connect 13 device using wifi this speed is not reduce .and quick browsing downloading, uploading chating everthing this speed is realy realy super. This service provider is very low cast compare other services like airtel, bsnl jio services is afortable to us.first time pay 500 rupees plan we use six months free call, message. so anyother network not provide this tedious services. customer care support is super services once I call the customer service tell my compliant immediately recover my query its useful. I tell that because I use this network bye

answered by manohar-lal

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