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asked in United States of America by david

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1. First things first. If you are in a contract with a service provider, I would suggest to rid of of the contract. I believe any service provider is giving Iphone 4 in contract right now, because all the service providers are upgraded to Iphone 7.

2. I find 'simple mobile' provider is giving good offers such as $25 unlimited talk and text. The other offer is $40 unlimited talk , text and 4 GB data.

3. You can shop around other providers such as H2o wireless or  boost mobile. Surely, you will get a better deal than what you are paying now ($65)

I hope this answer would help. Thanks.
answered by kuneeya
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If you have low data needs, I am using Straight Talk. I get 5g a month at 3G speed and then 2G speed if I use up the 5g. I pay $55 a month and that includes tax. If you buy more than one month at a time, it is cheaper than that. T-Mobile has a cheaper plan but I cannot get their service where I live.
answered by angelridge

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