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I've never used the AT&T hotspots that my plan offers me because the areas near me do not offer it. However, I've always wondered how accessible they are in other regions of the States and how well they've worked.
asked in United States of America by cellnut

2 Answers

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I used once, for emergency, when I was visiting USA and I needed to send some emails and to use the internet traffic on roaming would have cost a lot

From my point of view, it was a decent speed, but as a matter of fact I tend to avoid this solution, to protect my data
answered by costin
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AT&T wireless hotspot was quit impressing when i used it. with a rocket speed, it accessed the internet. actually i will rate them 5 star in when it come to speed but i have also noticed that the speed is not the same at every area. which is not so nice.
answered by morgansheri

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