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Do you like to travel solo?
Are you a tourist and want to explore more about the place you are visiting by connecting with the locals?
Then Travel Buddy is the right platform for you. It allows travelers to connect with locals or make traveling buddies online. The app is made in India and eases your traveling queries. It has a community of 1 Million+ travelers globally.

App Features and Capabilities
  1.  Avail location information: Visit your favorite place and discover more about that location. From itineraries to affordable packages, Travel Buddy's community helps you explore and share more. You can even grab the chance to earn via eCommerce marketplaces. Find the perfect-for-you picturesque hotels. 
  2. Become a travel content creator: Build your own travel community, share your experiences, and plan a meetup with local groups at Travel Buddy. You can easily connect with like-minded people and project your next trip.
  3. Find traveling buddies: Are you a solo traveler who wants to connect with similar people or locals? Then, join the Travel Buddy and meet up with other solo travelers just like you or plan your upcoming trips with them. 
  4. Travel service providers: Connect with travel service providers at Travel Buddy and solve your travel queries without worrying about destinations. You can even take help from the ambassadors. The platforms consist of travel agents from the D2C marketplace. 
  5. Become a local travel guide: Do you want to help tourists visiting your hometown and also earn some money? Travel Buddy provides you with this opportunity. Help the travelers discover the hidden treasures of your city. 
  6. Discounts: Avail discounts by communicating with the community by knowing how they cut their expenses while on the trips. 

  •  Travel Buddy has a community of 1M+ travelers worldwide.
  • You can connect travel agents, travel service providers, local guides, fellow solo travelers, and ambassadors from the community.
  • Become a travel content creator and share your experiences and attractions on social media platforms. You can even share affordable itineraries with the community. 
  • The app allows you to plan local meetup groups and meet like-minded people.
  • Travel Buddy helps you build a portfolio as Travel Influencer.
  • You can share your videos, photos, and quick shots from your trips on the platform. 
  • The subscription version of the Travel Buddy allows you to find your travel soulmate. It has curated filters to connect with people, chat and know them, and visit their profiles. 
  • If you live in a city where zillions of tourists visit, then become the local tour guide and earn simultaneously. Let the tourist traveling your place discovers beauty and gems.
  • Connect with fellow traveling groups without any hassle and enhance your traveling experience.
  • If you subscribe to the online travel marketplace, you can generate leads at the rate of 0%. 
  • Sometimes, the city's hidden gems are only known to the locals. To visit such places, you can connect with the local experts who will help you discover the city's attractions. 

  •  The search engine of the app is very laggy.
  • The user interface needs improvement. 

Other Information to Know
Travel Buddy is an all-in-one travel and local platform that has the community of more than 1 million people who share their traveling experiences. Meet with solo travelers and like-minded people at Travel Buddy by becoming a member today. 

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