About Cleartalking

With our telecommunication forums and ‘ask a question’ section, we offer an interactive platform for the users to discuss their experience and ask questions related to any telecom products and services.

Generally you can share many things related to telecom such as;

  • Experience with your cell phone, internet, or long distance service providers.
  • Specific recommendations on using iPhone, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, LG, Google Nexus, Android Phones and Windows phones.
  • Data and voice plan that you would have used while travelling; better ways to call from other countries to home either using prepaid phone cards, or plan offered by your service provider.
  • Tip and tricks that you would have used to reduce your cell phone, long distance and internet bills.
  • Any innovative ways that you are using your smart phone that helps to save time, reduce effort to perform your tasks, etc…
  • Any suggestions / recommendations on a particular service provider in your area/location.
  • Any good deals or cost saving offers that you have made use of with any of the telecom services or products, which will be useful for other members.
  • Any other topics of interest which will be useful for other members in the relevant forums, rate the posts made by other members, reply to a topic or question posted by other members who are looking for information.

You are welcome to provide suggestions for adding additional features in our forum using the contact form.