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Do you want to share your feelings and open up to someone like a therapist but are afraid? 
Sometimes all we need is someone who can listen to us. Venting out the troublesome emotions and telling someone relaxes and calms down the mind. We instantly feel better. HearMe is the platform where you can share your feelings or anything that's bothering you and it's going to be 100% confidential. You will share your feelings are trained listeners available on the app.
The app has 100K+ downloads. 

App Features and Capabilities
  1.  Trained listeners: Talk to the trained listeners on the HearMe app and have a real-time conversation. You can talk to them about everything that is bothering you without the fear of being judged. Rest assured and speak confidently about your personal life because it will be 100% confidential, i.e. between you and the listener.
  2. Safe space: HearMe is a safe space for people with stress and anxiety. If you are going through family problems, relationship problems, or having work stress, don't reserve the feelings inside your heart and open up to someone. You will feel better. 
  3. Text conversations: Allow yourself to have quality conversations with someone who will understand. Get clarity in life by talking to trained listeners. They might help you with any problems you are dealing with in life.
  4. Anonymous chat: You don't need to reveal your identity to the person you are speaking. HearMe's feature of anonymous chatting encourages people to open up without the fear of being judged. Share your secrets, problems, or even talk, but don't reveal your identity. 
  5. Become a listener: Do you feel better in making others feel better? Then, join the HearMe community. You can enroll to become a listener. It will allow you to listen to others. Listening patiently and showing someone hope is the kindest thing anyone can do. If you are empathetic and feel confident about yourself, join HearMe's listener feature. 

  •  At HearMe, you will find trained listeners with whom you can talk to them openly.
  • All the chats between you and the listener will be 100% confidential.
  • You don't need to reveal your identity. You can talk about everything anonymously. No need to share personal information.
  • Vent out any kind of negative feelings that is hurting or upsetting you. It will make you feel better. 
  • The conversations on HearMe are real-time and not by some AI.
  • It is a safe space where people don't need to be afraid of being criticized.
  • You can access your previous chats anytime from the personal. Go to your dashboard and it will reflect everything you communicated.
  • HearMe also allows people who want to be the listener and provide comfort to others.
  • If you are a listener at HearMe but are currently occupied with something important, you can mark yourself unavailable. 

  •  The app is buggy and some users' conversations ended abruptly.
  • Nowadays, users are not getting any active listeners instantly.
  • The app's interface is laggy. 

Other Information to Know
HearMe is the platform where you can discuss anything that is bothering you to the listeners present on the app. The conversations remain confidential and anonymous.

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