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Video chatting and texting random strangers on the video chat app have become a new trend today. How delightful it is to talk to people and share about certain things? One app that ensures effortless chatting and video calls is Bela. It is easy and the right platform allows a safe way to communicate without worrying about another person's identity. The app is fun and safe with more than 10 million downloads on PlayStore. Bela has also received 4.0 ratings from the audience. 

App Features and Capabilities
  1. Instant messaging: The text operation on Bela is convenient. Find friends on the app and know them first by texting. There are cool stickers and GIFs available that make chatting super enjoyable. 
  2. Easy login: The app allows quick login and you don't have to worry about security. It securely does the signup process and verifies the ID.
  3. Fun video chat: If you find a trustworthy friend via texting, invite them for a fun video chat. The cute filters and stickers create a fun identity for you. Also, it gives a High Definition of video chatting options without blurriness and lagging. 
  4. Details are safe: All your details are secured in the app. As the face verification process is also part of its security, you actually connect with genuine people. The profiles at Bela are authentic.
  5. Genuine matches: As all the profiles on the app are verified, Bela recommends genuine matches. No scam or false identities. You connect with authentic profiles at the app.
  6. No charges: The app doesn't charge any money and you can search profiles and instantly chat and video call your matches. However, some in-app purchases unlock exciting features. 
  7. Access to live videos: The app has a live section where all the users who are live at the moment will appear. You can click on their profiles and join the live video instantly. 

  • Bela is an instant and easy video chatting app.
  • All the profiles on the app are authentic and verified.
  • You can chat with anyone and then video call them.
  • The app recommends genuine matches.
  • You get rewards i.e. gems at every step that will eventually allow you other rewards. 
  • The live section of the app ensures you connect with live users. So, you can request to join the live.
  • It is a user-friendly application.
  • The live and video chatting feature has many filters that are fun to use. 
  • Making friends and connecting with them online is much easier with Bela. 
  • You don't need to make any effort and search for the profiles because they will show you once you open the app.
  • You can play free games that will help you achieve gems. 
  • Bela allows you to connect with like-minded people as well.

  • The ads on the app are frequent and very annoying.
  • Its in-app purchases unlock mediocre features.
  • Only people who have purchased the plan can have access to the live section.

Other Information to Know
Bela is a fun social app that allows users to connect with like-minded people and initiate a video chatting. The chatting options at this app are easy and quick.

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