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5Miles is a fun and simple approach to purchase and sell things and administrations with your mobile phone. Snap a photograph, enter a short portrayal, and be offering to a great many possible purchasers in practically no time. 

5Miles utilizes your telephone's GPS area to arrive at a huge number of purchasers and dealers in your general vicinity. Also, making an offer is as snappy and simple as sending an instant message. 

5miles is one of leading and upcoming app for buying and selling in the United States of America with easier and better experience than its predecessors and making a name of its own in the market of online commerce. 

App Features and Capabilities
• Search: The app is not a complex to use like the apps available of the same category as you pick up your phone and snap the item you want to search and you will get the options for the item you want. You can search item through GPS and by Zip Code to find the items listed nearby the user. 

• Security: The app gives special importance to the security of buyer and seller by registering both through Twitter, Facebook, or Google which makes sure that the creditability of the buyer and seller is verified as guest users are not available to avoid the scams of fake profiles. 

• SAEL: Safe Area Exchange Locator feature let you share your location through a more secure way which does not allow to spoil your location. This way you can be extra protected while sharing a location which makes 5miles a more secure option than its competitor. 

• Boost: This is a feature which is available in other apps with different names such as promotion in Instagram and Twitter but here it is known as Boost and name is not the unique thing about it as it is free of cost, unlike other apps that mean it will promote and take your posting top of the list without any money. 

• Services: 5Miles does not only used up for selling and buying goods but you can get your jobs done too as it comes with an option to browser for housing and jobs which makes the app even more versatile. 

• Wallet: The Wallet let buyers “Pay Now” for the goods they find on the app and the 5Miles wallet let you save the information of your debit or credit card. This wallet powered by Stripe uses a more secure approach at paying for goods. Purchasers, in the wake of affirming they have gotten a thing in great condition, approve the arrival of assets to a dealer to cover the buy. Merchants at that point can pull back cash just as rundown things independently for nearby pickup or transportation 

• Everything is neatly categorized with initial listing goods, services, housing, jobs and these are further categorized into sub-categories like House appliances, sports goods, etc. 
• 5miles accomplishes its objective of making an amicable portable commercial centre for close by purchasers and dealers. It's an attractive application, as well. The menus are anything but difficult to explore and the plan makes the products, from beds to cosmetologists, truly stick out. 
• 5Miles is making buying estate and the car, easy with its special programs for it and alongside launching features especially for these two sectors like Accelerator Package Tool in the app. 

• The app is only restricted to America which cancels out the opportunity to interact and make deals with international customers and get goods from different regions which will make it more global and include more variety of objects. 
• There are too many commercials which affect the users’ experience on the app as constantly commercial annoy and force user to close the app which can be annoying. 
• The App has some too hard categorizes which makes it hard to navigate to one specific thing and it is seen as a drawback sometimes. 

Other Information to Know
The app was launched in January 2015 and it has over 500,000+ downloads on IOS and Android each and it is one of the top-grossing classified apps in the United States of America. It has 4.3 stars rating on Google play store while 4.7 stars rating on App Store. 

It has it’s headquartered in the city Dallas of State Texas. It is one of the only versatile apps with the option to browse for services, cars, estates, jobs and goods at one place. It has over 1 million users only in Dallas where headquarter of the company is situated. The App has made nearly $4 Billion in goods and services on the app. 

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(Updated: October 28, 2020)
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App Usage:
5Miles has this option for the seller to choose whether to do delivery or local pickup. That's for me easiest, the seller by miles and this feature is lacking in other apps.

It has a smoother to navigate through and it has much secure interaction with the app. The Wallet systems make me feel a lot safer when buying from anonymous people on the internet.

The app has a lot of bugs which makes it harder to use when it gets stuck and it should be fixed incoming updates.

The app has a limited approach with the items only available in America and bought and sold only in America is kind of a drawback for me as I sometimes want Italian garment but finding it in America makes it hard and shady so they should launch it globally.

Rated App Version: 8.7.4 Phone Used: Hurricane_Chrip Mobile - reviews Country: United States
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