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8 fit pro is available as free trial and can be purchased for 3 months or a year. The pro version costs you $60 per year. It offers complete workout plans and gives premium user customized meal plans. Subscription will be renewed automatically on same price. Users can turn off subscription any time and the good thing is that pro features will not expire immediately. You will have access to all the services until the end of current payment period. 

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Don’t have much time for the Gym but still want to get fit then all you need is to download 8fit workouts app. It helps you get healthier by just giving 15-20 minutes daily in your home without using any special equipment. This app provides nutrition experts who guides you to maintain your fitness with proper exercises and diet plans. 

You can get customized workout and meal plans to accomplish your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscles you will find every exercise according to your wellness targets. Inspired by its fun and dynamic trainings, thousands of its users have given a 5 star ratings to this fitness app. 

App Features and Capabilities
• Nutrition guide: This app contains a complete guide to give you advance and secret tips on how to get perfect nutrition. The content is made by one the best nutritionists. Whether you are college going teen or office going employee, this app helps you to maintain your fitness according to your age, sex and lifestyle. 

• Meal planner with healthy recipes: All you need is to define your desired wellness goals. You will get your customized meal plans. It provides you recipes adapted to your needs. Easy to follow and healthy recipes helps you to gain muscles or lose weight according to your goals. Ranging from Vegetarian, Gluten free to high protein diet you will find every sort of meal details in this app. 

• Multipurpose Exercises: This app offers you wide range of exercises to reduce weight, lose fat and gain muscles. You will find endurance building, dynamic strength training, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises in this app. Personalized workouts includes fat burning exercises and body weight exercises which pushes you to achieve your desired fitness results. 

• Interactive videos: No need to worry if you are a beginner as this amazing feature enlighten you with proper exercise forms and methods. All the workout programs are practically explained in the videos. Beginners can easily understand all type of workout as these videos gives step by step guidance. 

• Research backed programs: From meal programs to fitness exercises everything has been planned after proper research to get quantified fitness goals. All the workouts are scientifically backed so users will achieve maximum results. 

Customized meals and diet plans are given according to each user requirements. Expert nutritionists make sure that you follow the most suitable fitness and nutrition program in order to triumph your wellness goals. 

• The best thing about this app is the personalization of meals and exercises. Mostly apps offers default workouts and meals plan which are same for all the users. 8 fit gives you everything customized according to your body parameters and fitness level. 

• Workout plans are very much flexible according to your needs. You can change your meal plan, adjust the difficulty level of exercises as they provide you plans according to your feedback. 

• Excellent learning content gives you details of exercises via real life demo videos and written instructions. This app list down importance of warm ups and cool downs in details before the workout sessions. 

• This app has an interactive and easy to use interface. Although it has a lot of options but still they have managed to keep it simple and user friendly. 

• The app is sometime slow and faces bug issues. It crashes in between the usage and makes you frustrated. Specially, videos takes a lot of time to load. 

• Workouts are not much of beginner friendly. The breaks between the two exercises is very short making it difficult for the user to complete the workout. Beginners doesn’t have proper time to get themselves prepare for the next exercise. 

• Work out scheduling is not effective. You can schedule next workout only after completing the previous one. It should have the option to schedule all the workout in advance. 

• The Free version of app doesn’t offer its users much of its features. You can only see limited exercises and default meal plans. 

Other Information to Know
8 fit app was created back in 2014.It has over 10m downloads and a rating of 4.5 stars. This app has basically two versions one is free and other is paid one. The pro version costs you $60 per year. Later version gives its users personalized meal plan along with the guidance of nutritionists. This app is giving fast results to its users and is being loved by them. 

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Great app which guides and provides detailed information about your meal plan and exercises. It gives you alternative ingredients in your diet plan.

You can get grocery shopping list for your customized meals. No need to pay extra for going to gym as you can achieve your fitness targets through scientifically backed exercises from this app.

The app has some lagging issue. You don’t get much of the features in free version of the app. The customer service is not up to the mark. Response time is much longer which makes users irritated. It doesn’t offer you one month subscription to check pro version of this app. You have to subscribe for a minimum 3 month program.

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