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Adult Ornithodoros coriaceus tick

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Ornithodoros coriaceus
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Adult Ornithodoros coriaceus ticks are quite large, ranging in length from 7 to 10 mm. The body has a unique shape with roughly parallel sides, a pointed anterior end that gives it a "nosed" look, and no clearly defined scutum. 

The upper cuticle has a granular ornamentation of bumps and pockmarks, which is referred to as shagreen in the literature. Its hue is pale beige-tan or grayish tan-brown. 

The legs appear warped at the distal portions. Though they only have six legs, nymphs resemble adults in appearance (the entire arachnid complement of eight legs appears following the last instar molt).
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Photos taken with Galaxy A12 Android 12  
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Ornithodoros coriaceus Kasongo village, Ombeyi location    What3words Address: ///jammy.throttles.hitchhike

Animal Tick  


Ornithodoros coriaceus
Ornithodoros coriaceus
Ornithodoros coriaceus
Ornithodoros coriaceus
Ornithodoros coriaceus

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