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In the world of disorder, human needs everyday self-help activities, the dailyo app is here as a game-changer for people with a mood disorder. A step to reinvigorate self-growth even in the bad mood days, daylio helps to achieve the goals you set up. A personal guider that makes you realize that little growth each day means a lot. A healthy lifestyle requires a routine to be followed every day. Daylio helps you to maintain a routine that is followed matching your mood. The self-care through daliyo app; the satisfaction of achieving the goal makes you feel happy. 

An app in the form of a daily diary that keeps a record of the user's moods, activities, habits, and goals. The app will let you pick up the mood every day followed by the activities you want to do that day. The app moods and activities can be pre-set, but can easily alter according to needs. One can see the variation in mood throughout the month by looking at the app's calendar. Not only these, but Daylio also displays achievements, after completion of the day's activity and gives remarks on the mood swings.  

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Daylio is a very unique and useful app. it’s basically a mood tracking app, which is used by millions of users every day to track their mood. Daylio app helps you to know, what is that activity or habits which is having the most influence on your happiness. By knowing what you are doing wrong, you can take effective measures to save yourself from going in the wrong direction.
2 results - showing 1 - 2