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Many English dictionaries exist on the phone; however, only a few are appealing to the crowd. This English Dictionary is one of them. The name suggests it all; it is a dictionary that works offline, rather flawlessly, let me assure you that. The words are based on English Wiktionary, so it has almost all the words. The UI is as clean and easy-to-use as it is possible to make; the creator really understood people’s requirements. Three lines at the top left corner lead you to additional options, while the top right corner is the classic search button.

The left options include history, bookmarks and notes – which are rather self-explanatory, as all of them works just the way the same features would work in a browser. Notes are something I haven’t used extensively, but it is really helpful, so I have heard. Then an interesting option of ‘Random Word’ follows the others, where you click it and any random word pops up (using it every day might just extend your vocabulary). The home screen shows the ‘Word of the day’ feature, which is just random words for the day, i.e. almost the same feature. You can even backup your histories or searches, which helps a lot if you are going to change your phone and want your old data back.

The settings offer themes, and the way results will show up on your screen – including font size to line spacing – and some others. The last, but the most important, the search button, which will help you to find any word you want. As it doesn’t require the internet, you can search for the words whenever you want. Isn’t that cool?

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