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Epic is one of the best apps and its #1 children’s digital library for under 12 years old kids. This app offers access to over 40,000 high-quality books for kids, reading quizzes, learning videos, and more. your child can take this unlimited library anywhere. With this application, kids can explore their interests in a fun, safe, and kid-friendly enjoinment with no ads or in-app purchases. In this app there are eBook and educational videos for kindergarten, as well as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,6th, and 7th-grade reading levels, your child will unlock a world of learning, reading and discovering with this app. and this application is used in more than 94% of US elementary schools. And it's available in both android and IOS devices.
1 results - showing 1 - 1