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The app is available as free on App store. It doesn’t matter if you a guest or host this app is free for all. You can put your listing free but Airbnb charges host 3% on each reservation. Similarly, guests gets charged from 0% to 20 % service fee on top of reservation fee. All the features offered in the app are free to be used without any hidden charges.   

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Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent their property with those people who are looking for cheap accommodations. It currently covers 81000 cities and 191 countries worldwide. Airbnb app gives you the best experience of booking desired vacation places online. 

You can start earning money by giving your place on rent as a host. Airbnb app offers users to book less than the cost of a hotel room. This app has totally changed the way to find places to live. The unique service is packed with amazing spots all around the world.   

App Features and Capabilities

  • Wide selection: The app host list of many different kind of properties. It offers single rooms, a suite of rooms,    apartments, moored yachts, house boots, entire house or even castle.    

  • Book stays: You can find your dream house with immersive photos. This helps you by giving listings through which you can easily book desired place. You can search by price, property type, location, amenities, and more. 

  • Book experience: This feature helps you explore a world of new experience right from home. You will discover unique activities and excursions led by local experts around the world. Despite of your age or gender you will find mixology lessons and fun science demonstration.   

  • Free listings: Hosts don’t have to pay to list their properties on the app. Listings can include paragraphs, pictures with description.   Host can put profile pic so that guests can know a little bit more about the host. 

  • Go near or Far: The app gives you the freedom to explore different wonders of the world. It offers stays with easy cancellation policies so that you can make your trip plans as per your availability. Whether you want to book within city or around the world this app gives you the best experience.  


  • The travelers can book stay and experiences for them and their families with easiest way by using this app. 
  • The app offers protection to guests by holding money for 24 hours after check in before releasing it to host.
  • You can find your type of community around your stay to enjoy and experience fun festivals and gatherings. 
  • Guests can easily contact their hosts and ask them for directions, assistance and much more about the place. 
  • Hosts can make guidebook to share specialty about their neighborhood. 
  • Hosts can update their listing and availability easily on the app
  • The app is free to you use and comes with easy payments method while booking for stay.


  • The major drawback is that you don’t usually get what you see in listing. Guests are frustrated when they don’t get the house familiar to provided listing.  
  • The main risk to the host is that guests might damage their properties. 
  • Customer care is very poor. Airbnb support takes a lot of time to get back to you after you lodge any complaint. 
  • Airbnb imposes a number of additional fees. Whether you’re a guest or host it charges you in different ways other than booking fees.    
  • The app sometimes crashes and all your search with filters just vanishes.  

Other Information to Know
This Seller of this app is Airbnb, Inc. This app is available on apple store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. It ranks no. 03 in the category of travel. It has 4.8 star rating based on 497K ratings on apple store. It has 4.6 star rating based on google store. The app compatibility requirements are iOS 13.0 or later. The size of app is 226.4 MB. This app can be downloaded for free. 

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App Usage:

• Easy to book & stay in different cities and countries.
• Safe and secure system of staying and experience.
• You can easily find your community in the places you are staying through this app.
• Easy search options which includes prices, location, nearby occasions etc.
• Easy to use and user friendly interface offering best quality of pictures and filters.
• You can save your stays, experience and places and add invited friends and family to planned stays.


• The app is very slow and gets hang in the middle of usage making it difficult to book stay. It has a lot of bugs as it gets difficult to sign in.
• Most of the houses you see in the app are not exactly the same in real as well. There is always a doubt about the credibility of the book place.
• Hosts gets their property damaged by some guests and their loss in not covered easily.
• The app is not legal everywhere as hosts and guests have to get special permits and fulfil requirements according to local laws.

Rated App Version: 20.29 Phone Used: HUAWEI - reviews Country: United States
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