Awesome One Handed Mode in OPPO A1K

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Awesome One Handed Mode in OPPO A1K
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We often have difficulty to reach every corner of the screen while using the smart phone with one hand as our finger 
cannot reach the far distant corners and hence it causes problems.
That’s when OPPO A1K introduces its one handed mode that shortens the screen to one corner that helps our finger 
easily access each app and hence we can use it easily with one hand

Swipe down the notification Panel > Select One Handed Mode > It will activate automatically

Note: A view of the single handed mode cannot be captured as if we take a screen short in one handed mode, the device basically displays the screen shot in full mode that signifies that mode operates in full mode basically

This tip is relevant to: Smartphone | Android 9.0 (Pie) OPPO A1K | . If this tip is related to a smart device, then it could be applicable to other similar devices and mobile OS as well.

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